5th & 6th


Last couple of weeks have been pretty good. After winning down in Buena Vista, I knew I’d have a stiff field at the USGP and some of the local races. I’m feeling pretty fit and pretty good, but not great. I’ve been dealing with a nasty cough, which I think is my asthma flaring up. Well, that’s what my doc thinks too. If you’re at a race and hear a racer coughing like a smoker afterwards, that’s probably me. Hopefully, that gets sorted out soon! I truly think I’ll be in the hunt for the win if I can get that cough taken care of.

USGP Single Speed race in Fort Collins:

Back to the update. I only race the Sunday USGP in Fort Collins, but it went fairly well. The course was bumpy! So bumpy that my back (specifically my L5 disk) wasn’t loving it. The race was a very tough and demanding course, my legs weren’t really there and I knew it half way through the first lap, so that made if that much better that I was able to fight and hang on to finish 5th.

Current Single Speed god Craig Ethridge (Raleigh/Clement) was strong. So strong, the Gates team couldn’t take him down. From the gun, my teammate Ryan and I sandwiched him and got off the front. My teammate Mitch bridged up and then we had 3 against 1. Then I bobbled and lost contact. After that, Ryan and Mitch tried to beat him, but he was just too strong!

It was awesome to see us on the podium though and see Raleigh and Gates represented well! I thought podiums were 5 guys? That’s what I was hoping after finishing 5th, but no such luck!

In between the races, I’ve also been hitting up the Wednesday night cross races in Golden. Racing with the geared guys in the ‘A’ class, I’ve been knocking down 5th and 6th place consistently, which is good. Again, I’m still missing that top 3 break and that’s really where I need to be to win. It’s been good to be consistent though!

After the race, my teammate who lost a bet with “sally” from Raleigh had to run through the start finish line before the pro race in his underwear. It will live in infamy on Behind The Barriers!

This past weekend, I was again feeling pretty good for the Boulder CX series #3 at Interlocken. From the gun, I made the front group, my teammates were swarming the front along with Jerry Oliver and Dan Porter, who have both been threats this season. I was feeling good and calm, but lost contact with the top 3 somewhere after the first or second lap. While I tried and tried, I couldn’t close down the gap to 4th and 5th, but came home fairly strong in 6th. Again, not great, but consistent.

Doing battle at the famous front range Interlocken course:

The theme lately has been 5th or 6th place and some bad asthma. Hopefully, I can get a hold of my asthma and/or allergies and get back on the podium soon. That said, I’m still very happy to be in the mix and still in the hunt for the Colorado Cross Cup.


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