The Classics and Cups


Even though it’s been over a week, I thought I’d write a little report for arguably our biggest cross weekend in Colorado (next to the USGP in Fort Collins). The Colorado Cross Classic and Boulder Cup are classics. One takes place on the well known Boulder Reservoir course while the Boulder Cup takes place at the fairly new Valmont bike park, which features one of the only (and best) permanent cross courses in the US. It’s an awesome venue!

First was the Colorado Cross Classic.

The race was stacked with the fastest local guys as well as from around the US. Current US single speed king Craig Etheridge from Raleigh Clement was there as well as Olympian Colby Pearce and some supposed fast guys from Ritte. It was awesome how big the field was. The course was muddy, sandy and featured a LOT of running sections.

From the gun, it was bananas fast. I couldn’t hang with the top 3, so I settled in and tried to stop the bleeding (me going backwards) and stay in the top 5. In the end, I had some bobbles in the long sandpit that cost me big and I ended up 7th, which sucked, but was still decent. One upside was that in the cold morning, my asthma didn’t get to me and I was breathing well!

Sunday was Boulder Cup. Waking up, my legs were really sore. Turns out I fought harder than I had thought the day before, so I did a really nice warm up.  The course was slightly different than in the past and I love the new changes, so I was pumped. I figured if I could make the top 5 group, I would be in a good shape for a result. Again, the field was stacked, so I had my work cut out for me. It’s always awesome when there are 50 guys in the single speed category and your team has the front line!

As the race got going, it was again insanely fast from the gun. I could tell I was in the red even on the first climb. I settled in the top 10, but then an unnamed rider from out of town opened up a gap to the group of 8 in front of us and I was too deep in the red to close it down.

From there, I was fighting for the top 10 and in between the break and the group. Fighting in no-mans land, my legs felt horrible and I kept going backwards. I clearly hadn’t recovered well from the day before and in hindsight, I think I was fighting a little virus or something. I just felt like crap.

Either way, I still had a fun clean race, just no legs! I ended up a rough 13th place. Biggest race of the year, hands down worst finish. Bummer!

After all that, I was still sitting in the top 5 of the Colorado Cross Cup Single Speed division, so it was nice to be in the mix still overall after a so-so weekend. The single speed category has gotten really competitive, which is awesome!

As a matter of fact, the second place finisher of Boulder Cup (behind winner Colby Pearce) was just 10th at a UCI pro race on his single speed this past weekend. That goes to show that our category is no joke anymore!


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