Schoolyard CX


Despite a rough weekend for the Boulder Cup, I took an extra day off, hit the intervals and got back on track. Whatever virus I might have had was gone and my asthma was back in check. It was nice to train hard and feel good, so going into this race, I was feeling confident, good and ready for battle.

The course was a little slick in sections, very dry in others and had great traction. There were some awesome runup sections, two of which I was able to ride when others weren’t, so I gained valuable seconds each lap. That said, a new callup policy for the start put me at the back since I hadn’t pre registered, so I had to fight hard to get to the front and by the time I did, I needed to recover a bit. After a lap of sitting in, I hit the gas to try and crack the top 3. I felt like I got close, but my teammate Ryan McFarlin was riding super strong, so I never caught him.

In the end, I finished 4th (so I thought) in a pretty strong field. Turns out there was a guy in front of me I had mistaken for a Cat 3 rider who was in our field. He had gears and cogs on his bike, so I didn’t think he was a single speed racer, but the official tolk me he had his gears locked out, so I was actually 5th. Kind of a bummer since I could have closed him down easily had I known. Still a good result though and I was more happy that I was feeling back to myself again!

Jumping back on my bike after a long run up:

At the end of all that, I’m not sitting 2nd overall behind former Olympian Colby Pearce on the Colorado Cross Cup, which makes me pretty happy!


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