11 weeks later.


I still can’t believe it’s nearly been 3 months since I went under the knife. Some days it seems like it’s flown by, while other days it seems like I’ve been hurt for an eternity. I’ve been hitting the gym with core work and daily rehab and progressing well. I think the only thing that’s been tough is holding myself back, although whenever I start to do to much, my body lets me know. Stiffness is still very much a part of my world, but I’m mostly pain free, although I’ve had some issues with my non injured side flaring up with some hip pain when I overdo my standing, walking or riding.

Take it from me, you never, ever want to destroy your ACL. It’s a long, long road back. I have had some brutal injuries in the past, but nothing could have prepared me for how humbling this has been.

It’s been a crazy last 7 months. I’ve moved to an unfamilar place, riding and racing are essentially gone from my current life and I’ve experienced the longest, coldest winter I’ve ever seen.

On the bright side, my new job is great and life outside my my knee is great!

In the last 7 weeks, here are some highlights:

I rode outside for the first time since surgery!


It was in the 70’s one weekend! Haven’t seen that since, but it was nice while it lasted:


Found some waterfalls in the city:


Shed a tear, swapped my plates and made it official:


Enjoyed riding by one of the 10,000 lakes:


Starting to dream of a comeback while out riding:


Other than that, I’m really looking forward to progressing with my rehab and recovery and some spring weather, which still isn’t here up in Minnesota.

I’m very thankful to have a very supportive woman in my life, a loving group of friends and a very loving family to support me through some tough times.

I’m thankful that while I have challenges and discomfort in some areas of my life that things with my work, creative life and home life have never been better. Today, I’m thankful for those things.


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