My name is Garrett. When I’m not working as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, you can usually find me training and racing my bike. I started racing mountain bikes in 1995 and I’ve been racing for the better part of the last 15 years. I’m a Cat 2 road and cross racer and a Cat 1 mountain bike racer. I race road for the Primal – 1st Bank, cyclocross and mountain for Gates Carbon Drive.

I’m based in Colorado. In addition to having some of the best riding in the country, I’ve also found it to offers some of the fastest, talent filled races I’ve ever experienced. On any given weekend, there is a race 3o minutes from my door filled with some of the countries fastest racers.

Riding and racing offers me a sense of peace and enjoyment I’ve yet to find in anything else. I intend to race my bike for as long as I continue to enjoy myself. I also love to snowboard and I’m up for any sports that involve the outdoors and some mountains.


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