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Wolf Tooth


With the single ring setup being mostly dead the past couple of seasons, I think it could (and should) come roaring back this year with the new Wolf Tooth rings. We’ve been testing these and the result is a bike that’s a half pound lighter and doesn’t drop it’s chain. Or you could just race […]

Last Saturday, the clouds finally rolled in and with it came temps in the 30’s, freezing rain, sleet, hail and snow. It was a brutal, brutal day, but it was also looking to be an epic day for a cyclocross race. If I were to finish in the top 3, I could likely take the […]

Schoolyard CX


Despite a rough weekend for the Boulder Cup, I took an extra day off, hit the intervals and got back on track. Whatever virus I might have had was gone and my asthma was back in check. It was nice to train hard and feel good, so going into this race, I was feeling confident, […]

Even though it’s been over a week, I thought I’d write a little report for arguably our biggest cross weekend in Colorado (next to the USGP in Fort Collins). The Colorado Cross Classic and Boulder Cup are classics. One takes place on the well known Boulder Reservoir course while the Boulder Cup takes place at […]



“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? My thought this past weekend was similar as I won the Buena Vista Cross at the River single speed race. If I win a race and no one is around to see it, did I […]



Last Saturday, it was over 80, this week I’m bundled up like its the coldest day of winter. Had a great, but cold and wet ride with my girl this Saturday. The seasons are changing!



This past weekend, in addition to helping put on my road team, Primal-1st Bank’sĀ fall Cyclocross race, I also had the pleasure of racing in the event. It was a great course with lots of very technical sections along with some very difficult long stretches. The event went awesome! We had arguably the best cross racer […]

Boulder Racing #1 – Valmont Bike Park Although I finished 4th in the Colorado Cross Cup last year, I had missed the ‘time trial’ the day before which erased the start order we had all earned over an entire season last year, so I started off on the 4th row. That said, I was in […]

On to Cross!


What a summer. Seems like it was just yesterday I was out at the Sea Otter Classic (April) wrenching for the Primal – MapMyRide pro women’s team riding in a team car wishing I was racing. While I definitely got to race my bike this summer, I spent a lot of time wishing for more! […]

The 5th stop on the local Winter Park series race was set to be a good one. After some good, consistent racing lately, I was feeling strong and confident to make the podium for this race. That said, I knew it would be a tough start. The race went straight up for 1000+ feet for […]