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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. The last time I checked in, I was chasing the Colorado Cross Cup title in the single speed division, nursing a minor (so I thought) knee injury and interviewing with a few companies in the cycling industry. That part wasn’t public back then, but there were […]

Last Saturday, the clouds finally rolled in and with it came temps in the 30’s, freezing rain, sleet, hail and snow. It was a brutal, brutal day, but it was also looking to be an epic day for a cyclocross race. If I were to finish in the top 3, I could likely take the […]

5th & 6th


Last couple of weeks have been pretty good. After winning down in Buena Vista, I knew I’d have a stiff field at the USGP and some of the local races. I’m feeling pretty fit and pretty good, but not great. I’ve been dealing with a nasty cough, which I think is my asthma flaring up. […]



After the Boulder Cup weekend, but just before the following weekend, I came down with another nasty cold, so I had another setback in my Colorado Cross Cup hunt, but I also had some nice time to regroup and catch up on some other things, like life outside cycling. I’m back on the bike, which […]



My first race back after ripping my elbow open at 30 mph was North Boulder Park criterium. Probably the fastest crit and hardest crit in the state. All the big local pros and teams were represented including Rory Sutherland, the Livestrong team, Chipotle, Kelly Benefits, Jamis, Jelly Belly, etc I thought I was going to make […]



It’s been a while since I’ve posted. As always, I’ve been perpetually busy. Busy with good stuff mostly. I’ve been spending time with my girl, mountain biking, racing on the road, crashing my bike, traveling, seeing some good concerts, and working. I wish it was in that order, but sometimes the work part comes before […]



On Sunday a brush fire on the rocky hills outside Golden broke out. I suspect it was a cigarette being flicked out the window, but who knows. So far, 1200 acres have burned. The good news is that it’s not much forrest, so it will come back quickly. It was quite a site as we […]

Sad, sad stuff.


One of the most talented young cyclists in the world was killed by a truck while training in her native country of South Africa. God damn that breaks my heart. My condolences to her friends and family. Hopefully, they actually prosecute drivers to the fullest that run over people in South Africa … unlike here in Colorado. […]


While I’m healing, it’s slow going to say the least. The last week was brutal. Seems like this injury has me on pain-filled house arrest. My season is probably done and some big opportunities might pass me by since I can’t race. No USGP in Fort Collins, No Colorado Cup points race, no State Championships. […]