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Seeing this first link on cyclingnews today sent me down a wormhole on google image search. I can’t say I was pleased with the results, but I did chuckle.  Read the caption of this photo:   HUH?  Said Fashion: Figure 1 Figure 2 Redeemed?: Maybe. Not so fast: Oh dear. Hey, it’s Rory! I know that dude! […]

Fun Day.


Quick Rundown: I decide to ride to work for extra miles. It’s supposed to be sixty degrees, so I’m in. As I start riding and realize what a beautiful day it is, I feel a squishy rear wheel. Flat! Bummer, but no biggie. So I change it and I’m on my way.  Get to work, […]

So Hip.


Thanks TrackstarNYC for the cartoon.

Sooo Fast…


  Wow. 30 + mph in February is a bit much for me. Hopefully it pays off later. Congrats to Amanda Miller for a stellar win and weekend. My team did very well and I think it’s going to be a good year. Now for the drive home…

Well, as a super early race in the year, I didn’t come with expectations. It’s been humbling to say the least. The TT was sub par and the Road race was just short of a pure sh*t show. I had a great first few laps. Covered the front for my team, bridged some gaps and […]

On the road


A week.


Despite the lack of sunlight and spotty winter weather, I’ve been riding and it’s been good.  I’m leaving for Arizona for the Valley of the Sun stage race tomorrow. Should be fun and painful. I’ve never raced this early, but everyone’s doing it and I usually only get faster when I race a lot. Plus, […]