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The Big One


Awesome work by Zack Vestal and Mavic.  Makes me miss Colorado so much, but I”ll be back to ride these roads soon! Advertisements

Fishing for Steelhead with Curtis Ciszek from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.

Schoolyard CX


Despite a rough weekend for the Boulder Cup, I took an extra day off, hit the intervals and got back on track. Whatever virus I might have had was gone and my asthma was back in check. It was nice to train hard and feel good, so going into this race, I was feeling confident, […]

Even though it’s been over a week, I thought I’d write a little report for arguably our biggest cross weekend in Colorado (next to the USGP in Fort Collins). The Colorado Cross Classic and Boulder Cup are classics. One takes place on the well known Boulder Reservoir course while the Boulder Cup takes place at […]



“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? My thought this past weekend was similar as I won the Buena Vista Cross at the River single speed race. If I win a race and no one is around to see it, did I […]



This past weekend, in addition to helping put on my road team, Primal-1st Bank’s fall Cyclocross race, I also had the pleasure of racing in the event. It was a great course with lots of very technical sections along with some very difficult long stretches. The event went awesome! We had arguably the best cross racer […]

Boulder Racing #1 – Valmont Bike Park Although I finished 4th in the Colorado Cross Cup last year, I had missed the ‘time trial’ the day before which erased the start order we had all earned over an entire season last year, so I started off on the 4th row. That said, I was in […]



Over the past few years, I’ve developed a great relationship with the great people over at Gates Carbon Drive while racing cyclocross for them. This summer, they’ve helped open the door for me to get back to my roots racing a select calendar of mountain bike races in the rocky mountain region. It feels good […]

A start!


This past weekend was one of the more famous road races in Colorado, the Boulder Roubaix. Since I raced cyclocross through the end of December, I’m just now starting my build phase of my training, so while I have good base fitness, I don’t have a whole lot of top end. I figured I needed […]

Check out this short video introducing the 2012 Primal – 1st Bank team featuring yours truly!